Tips To Choose The Right Wedding Video Melbourne Professional

Thinking about hiring a wedding videographer? It sounds good! In your marriage plan, certainly, you will include amazing decorations, delicious food, wonderful music, and more. With the help of the Wedding Video in Melbourne, you can remember this big day forever. The memorable moments are stored in various devices like a pen drive, CD, and more which will take you back to the big day while you watch it. With the help of the best wedding video professional, you can get a film that includes the entire celebration without missing anything. Choosing the expert will be a challenging task, but it is worth spending some time to find the right one. Then it is valuable for your investment which brings an opportunity to look back at the happiest day of your life. Read the below lines to know about the tips to select the right videographer for your wedding.

Good Portfolio 

While you search for the best wedding videographer, it is essential to check their portfolio. They must have an extraordinary body of work that is verifiable. You can get to know these things while going through their own website or social media profile. Have a look at their gallery and ensure to check the videos which are shot before a year. It will give you an idea about whether they are fit for you or not. You can find the clips from various platforms like YouTube, Instagram or the company website, and more.


Photos only capture so much part of the day, but hiring a professional videographer will help you to make sure you don’t miss anything of the celebration. The experience of the videographer is a must that will help you to get a video that covers the whole ceremony. It is handy for you on the bridal occasion to bring the best video as they are already working with the customers like you. So, ensure to choose the expert who has been in the profession for more years with proper knowledge. 

Have A Look At Their Equipment 

You should ask the professional about the type of video camera and other equipment that is used for recording the wedding. If you are familiar with video apparatus, then it is very handy for you. A normal camera operated by an expert hand is better than an expensive one operated by an average Wedding Videographer. It is best to ask about the number of cameras they will be used as the single one is not capable of covering the entire marriage. Two or more cameras will make the shot better and reduce the chances of missing any moment. Also, ensure that the expert is well-versed in handling the equipment in a great way.

Ask For Sample Clips 

After considering the above things, you have to shortlist the expert wedding videographers who provide the package within your budget. Then you have to ask for the sample films of their previous works to those videographers. If they are not providing the demo for you, then skip those people. You have to check a range of sample clips of them and be sure to watch the entire video from start to end. It will get you to know about their work quality and how they shoot the videos. 

Wedding Video Melbourne Format 

Ask the videographer the kind of video format that will be shot and supplied. Ensure to request the expert for high-definition if it is possible which is handy for you to get the video with the best quality. They will provide you with DVDs and videotapes of the wedding clips, you have to ask for the master-quality version in the original formats. You could use this version at a later date for further editing or transferring to other formats like Pendrive, mobile or more. 


Also, consider your budget, the communication skills of the expert, and more while hiring the videographer. At Lensure, we provide you with the best wedding video in Melbourne with high-quality editing and filming. Our professionals have more years of experience who will make your wedding into a fantasy. For more details Contact Us on our website.

Common Expectations Of Wedding Video That Should Be Added In It

Wedding videos are a must-have for any case. Many couples opt out of doing a video shoot at their weddings, which they later come to regret. The importance of wedding videography cannot be overstated. There are so many moments during the wedding that you will miss; however, you will be able to relive those moments later on in your wedding video. Shooting a wedding video is a huge responsibility that comes with a lot of pressure.

Planning the shots and ensuring you have the correct equipment aiming at the right resolution is the perfect way to minimize tension and catch all the couple’s needs. So you can be in the right place at the right time, talk, and the participants to get a sense of the activities’ timeline. A Wedding Video is a fantastic way to relive those unforgettable moments. In this article, I’m going to share with you a wedding video checklist. To see what should be included in a wedding video, simply scroll down.

Sangeet and Cocktail Night

Of course, after the wedding, you’ll want to watch all of your siblings’ and relatives’ dance performances. You can only do it through film. As a result, make sure to employ a wedding videographer for both your sangeet and cocktail reception. After a few drinks, you’ll have cause to laugh out loud while watching your wedding video and seeing your uncles dance.

Mehndi Ceremony

The mehndi ceremony is an important part of the wedding, and you should get a video of it as well. Both of these events are more than just occasions; they are once-in-a-lifetime experiences. As a result, it’s important to record them on film.

Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is very significant in the Indian wedding scheme. Haldi is traditionally observed on the Wedding Video Melbourne day. You’ll enjoy watching the video of your Haldi later to see the combination of various emotions, from laughter to tears.

wedding video Venue Décor

Of course, getting a dream wedding décor would cost a lot of money and time. It should undoubtedly be video graphed. After all, each couple’s wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime affair. And all that has to do with their marriage is important to them and holds a special place in their hearts.

Bride’s Attire and Accessories

Bridal gowns are once again a popular topic. It can never be overlooked. Each bride has strong feelings about her wedding gown. Before the bride begins getting dressed, everything should be properly set up for a video shoot.

Groom’s Attire and Accessories

Similarly, before the groom begins getting dressed, the groom’s attire should be videotaped. It’s an important wedding shot that must be caught.

Bride Getting Ready

The bride getting ready is another crucial shot that must not be overlooked! While a bride is getting ready, a wedding videographer must take her film. In addition, the video must be taken from various perspectives. Naturally, the bride will be preoccupied with her thoughts as she prepares for the most important day of her life. A video will serve as a beautiful record of those special moments that the bride will cherish for years to come.

Baraat Entry

The bride is not allowed to see the baraat entry. As a result, the only way she can enjoy it is via a recording. As a result, Baraat’s entry must undoubtedly be video graphed. The bride does not skip the groom’s uncle’s amusing dance and the groomsmen’s naagin dance. Yes, the naagin dance is a signature dance step of all Baraatis in India, and it is guaranteed to make the Couple laugh later.

Wrapping Up! 

Hopefully, these few pointers will be useful while you work on your next video project, the wedding video. The big day is the main day of one’s life. LENSURE is a company that specializes in meticulously documenting and editing special events. They believe that “true stories create the soul.” Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here to assist you and provide the remarkable services even at an affordable cost. For more details Contact Us on our website.

Regulations That Should Be Followed On Capturing the Wedding Video Melbourne?

Wedding documentation is one of the vital parts of your bridal day. While photography is a crucial element to capture your big day in still pictures, a Wedding Video Melbourne will give beyond what images capture, the feeling and environment of the bridal in motion. With such an important video to last forever as your wedding keepsake, make sure you do it perfectly. Couples want to remember their bridal day exactly as it happened. Preserving one of the best memorable occasions of their lives on film. The last thing you want on such a treasurable day is to fear watching your video back in case it doesn’t live up to expectations. Here are some dos and don’ts on the wedding video package. 

Include a digital file
While DVDs are still a famous technique of bringing marriage videos, most videographers are now present digital movie files in HD on thumb drives as well. A thumb drive not only lets you stream your wedding video to your television via Apple TV or a parallel device you can also simply share the file digitally with family and friends, both near and distant.

Merge the ceremony
Surely you will want to footage the whole ceremony, from the start of the ceremonial to your final exit, and particularly the significant words you sharing in among. If you are getting married in a house of devotion, make sure that do they allow filming inside. So don’t skip on ritual coverage to get additional reception coverage out of your four-hour video package. The ceremonial is a good reason to splurge on a second shooter.

Highlight a reel
This is what you’ll show to the family and friends who you know won’t want to sit in all of your ceremony readings and your following cousin’s solo performance. if you’re going to dedicate part of your snapshot inexpensive to videography, you don’t want the marriage video to just sit on a shelf and gather dust. That’s why highlight reels for 10 to 15 minutes’ movies that include the best part of the day.

Guest interviews
Guests tend to say similar exact things in video messages. How frequently do you go much beyond, “Congratulations, you look gorgeous and blessing,” when you get the mic at a gathering? And more, it can be irritating for the guest who’s disturbed in the middle of eating her salad and encouraged to say a little word about the blissful couple as the rest of the table gazes on. So try to avoid these scenarios in your wedding videos and ask the Wedding Videographer to avoid that.

Raw footage in wedding video melbourne
Once the recording is finished, some videographers will send you the raw shots to preview earlier editing begins so you can note scenes you certainly want to keep or remove, like when your groom’s voice cracked while reading his promises. If you want to hold on to the raw footage for the prospect, your videographer may offer it as a portion of your package. If it’s not included in your package, it’s not worth paying the additional fee for it, ever since it’s likely you never even watch it.

A photomontage
Don’t get this wrong, it’s always enjoyable to look at baby images and honeymoon snapshots. But you don’t need a reel of both to start and end your marriage video. Save the babyhood photomontage for yours prepare dinner. If you want to share it, burn copies of the DVD, or download the file onto your supercomputer and send everywhere the link.

Wedding day is the most essential day in everyone’s life, the wedding video Melbourne is having the same importance. At Lensure, we offer exact capturing and editing of your special occasion wonderfully. We have the belief that the making of marriage is not just a simple shoot, but the making of the honestly artistic and spectacular snapshot of an unforgettable day in the life. We guarantees for the excellent and admiring videos which includes each and every part of your special moment. For more details Contact Us on 0447 344 238.

Steps To Capture Events Of Wedding Photography Melbourne

Wedding photos are such a memorable thing and the users have great expectations towards their events and wish to make them effective. This may also include other types of portrait photography of you and your life partner before the official wedding day such as pre-wedding engagement shooting. On your marvelous special wedding day, your photographer will attempt to shoot portrait pictures as well as documentary picture coverage to document the important events and rituals throughout your wedding day.

If you have chosen your date, booked your venue, and completed shopping all your costumes, but now if you are looking for a wedding photographer, you can select wedding photography Melbourne and remember to pick a style of photography in which you can make different demands on your time on your wedding day.

Creativity and imagination:

Creativity is a form of art for all your intents and purposes. Therefore, it requires immense importance in choosing a photographer who has a creative mind and plenty of imagination. A good photographer should be able to think of something extraordinary and find a million different ways to interpret your wedding photography in beautiful and meaningful photos. Even if you aren’t concerned about the artistic side of your craft, you can use composition in producing good photos of your wedding. 

An eye of detail in wedding photography Melbourne:

Good photography should have a keen eye for detail to ensure that all elements in the shooted photos such as lighting, composition, subject, and anything else in between the work together harmoniously convey the right vision or message in your wedding photographic events at wedding videographers Meblourne. Even the tiniest detail will make a break in your picture. So, pick the collection of photo shoots that has an eye for detail and being meticulous in scrutinizing every single element in producing the perfect photography in your ever remembering life long romantic pictures. 

Patience and flexibility:

Your photographic person should be patient enough which is always essential quality to pursue. Select the photographer who is patient enough in handling to take photos such as crying kids in your weddings or difficult in handling different clients. They must be more patient enough in trying new shoots when can’t capture the right stills. Select the photography that is flexible in their works. These two qualities should go hand in hand with choosing the photographer who is patient enough to work with you or being flexible in difficult circumstances at your wedding ceremony. 

Have a passion for photography:

When you are passionate about what you do, you are true to shine through in your business. It takes a lot of time and effort to work with wedding photography to bring it out looking excellent. Find a person who does succeed and manage to make a name as a professional photographer in a photographing job. A passion makes the work of choosing photography, it requires to work a little harder, and appointing such a person to work on your special occasion is quite to push a little farther. 

Social skills:

Your wedding photography is largely about interacting with all your friends and relatives who are attending your function and the professional wedding photographer should painlessly work at all your situations in bringing out the best in your wedding photography. They should also have admirable people skills who are free to contact you and your better half and those presents. Your photography should cover all the love and emotions in your wedding and makes them be at ease. 

Final Thoughts   

By considering all the above-mentioned skills, the users also personally prescribe Lensure to work at your wedding function. It is one of the best wedding photography Melbourne and you can easily cope up with us as we provide featured photographing skills in our shoots. We use the best technologies to bring unique experiences. We are at utmost confidence in capturing the most romantic moments and not to miss out on any little emotions in your wedding photography. 

Make Your Wedding Memorable with Best Wedding Video Melbourne

Having a dream wedding is something we all desire for. All the life we look for that one person to enter our story and when she steps into our life, we must capture each and every moment and cherish those special moments for the rest of our life. The wedding is one of the most essential and important events and people walk down the aisle at least once in their life. They want to make it the most essential event and hence they hire expert videographers and photographers to cover the event and make Wedding Video Melbourne. Before choosing someone we must know what are the essential features a videographer should possess.

wedding video melbourne

Passion driven

A photographer should be passion driven. You have subjects in front of your eyes, but when you don’t have passion towards it, you cannot become a good videographer. Marriage photography is all about love and passion. If the love doesn’t see in your pictures, what’s the point of working as a wedding videographer.

Friendly behaviour

Wedding houses are filled with women. Women get comfortable in the presence of a person that’s friendly. So if you want to become a successful photographer or a videographer, you need to possess this quality. Be friendly and open towards people attending the occasion and see the magic of Wedding Video Melbourne.

Details driven

Some photographers are there that have an extra eye for detailed things. When others are busy taking popular and common shots, these people have a look for special situations, small rituals etc. If you are in need of a person for wedding video Melbourne and you are an Indian, you know how many rituals will be there. Some Indians living in Australia even search for wedding photographers that have knowledge of Indian rituals!

Sense of timing

If you are a photographer, you should have a good knowledge of timing. When you should press the shutter changes everything. This sense of timing differentiates a seasoned photographer and an amateur one. So while you are looking for an expert videographer for your marriage, you must look for this quality.

wedding photography Melbourne

Framing sense

In a picture, everything depends on the frame. Whether the characters are looking good, the ambiance is doing justice, the ambient light is enough or not; are some essential parts of a frame. Make sure the photographer you are signing your big day possesses these qualities.

The sense of fun part

Days of old aged photos have long gone. Now people need candid shots. Candid means the shot is impromptu. The shot was not planned, not framed and not posed. So when you are looking for a videographer, make sure he knows how to snap some candid moments from your big day. Obviously, you will be happy and that will be shown on your face. Make sure the wedding videographer has enough talent to capture that.

Technical skills

It is important to know a lot about cameras, video cameras, light angles, focuses, macro and every small detail related to photography. One good photographer should possess knowledge about all these things.


If you are in Melbourne and you are hiring a wedding videographer, why don’t you try This is one of the most creative wedding photography company. They have a panel of photographers, videographers and of course some experts. They will work as a team and would take some creative shots and will turn your boring dull photoshoot into a creative affair.


While searching for a wedding videographer for best Wedding Video in Melbourne, make sure you look for someone with sheer experience. Do not fall for someone that doesn’t know anything about the good sense of photography. Remember, this day won’t get repeated. So make sure you make most of it. But try to compare the price of different houses. offers you some best captures in a very affordable price range. Make sure you check their website and if their offerings fit your requirement, you can hire them anytime.

These are the most favourable features, a good wedding videographer should have. If you are looking for one, just make sure he possesses these qualities.

3 Most Prominent benefits of an Expert Wedding Videographer

When you are planning your wedding day, you’ll depend on the assistance of a variety of experts to enable you to meet your objectives for the enormous day. You have to accomplish more than have a very much coordinated occasion, however. Obviously you will need a wonderful day that will comprise of a considerable measure of valuable memories. While picking among your alternatives for wedding venues, accessories and expert services in, wedding videography is a region that is unquestionably worth putting resources into. Indeed, you’ll presumably get an offer or two from a specialist who is extraordinary with a camera yet it truly is advantageous to employ a genuine expert. An expert wedding videographer Melbourne is definitely justified even despite the venture. You just have one chance to get this right; pick the correct proficient to help ensure it happens.

Professional Wedding Videographers Melbourne - Lensure

Advantage from the professionals’ Experience :

An accomplished wedding videographers Melbourne from Lensure will have in excess of a decent camera on their arm. They will have long periods of expertise and the required training to get the most ideal vantage focuses. The correct edges, the correct approach, and the correct training for editing the video will have an emotional effect in the nature of the wedding video. Consider taking a look at test wedding video in their portfolio or ask them to show some samples of earlier work while employing an expert. Converse with a couple of organizations, as well, to check their level of learning, polished skill, and obligingness.

Advantage : Use of Top Notch Equipment

Proficient wedding videographers likewise have the correct hardware to create an incredible video. The hardware that is utilized to take, edit it effectively, and deliver your got done with wedding video has a major effect in the nature of the video you will get. You need memories that will endure forever and the correct hardware is a need for this to be a reality.

Affordable Wedding Photography Melbourne - Lensure

Advantage : Always have some better Options

Employing an expert wedding videographers Melbourne from Lensure won’t result in a rough form of your day. Your videographer will converse with you, finally, about your choices, and your vision for the completed item. He or she will indicate you thoughts and cases that you had not thought of. When you have a relative or a companion handle the video creation for you, you won’t have such a large number of alternatives as you will have with an expert. What’s more, a visitor won’t be 100% centered on taking the most ideal video as the visitor will likewise be occupied with getting a charge out of the celebrations. When you contract a wedding videography organization, the videographer is at your wedding to tape it. His undertaking will be to center exclusively around creating the most ideal video and he will do this because of your desires and needs. Your videographer won’t miss vital minutes and will have the right stuff important to get the right lighting, points, and sound.

The privilege videographer will do his best to be inconspicuous and to catch the most essential memories of the wedding day. Get the best dazzling experience wedding videos by professional wedding videographers Melbourne at Lensure Video Production.

Things to Be Taken Care Of For Your Wedding Film

Wedding is the time of a person’s life that he or she wants to save for their whole life. And the best way to do this is through the photographs and videos. The short videos and the wedding film are the memories you capture for forever.

Nobody wants their wedding film to be got ruined, but there are chances that your wedding film may get ruined by you only. If you are someone who is getting married this wedding season, then don’t dare to forget the following points to make your wedding film an amazing one.

best wedding videographers Melbourne

Opting For Microphones

If you want your wedding film to be more natural and the one that expresses your emotions more beautifully, then you can go for the microphones.

Your best wedding videographers Melbourne will provide you the microphones, and you just need to wear them while doing the rituals. This will let them record the conversations happening around you, which can ultimately be added to your wedding film to make it full of natural audios.

Capturing the conversation between you and your best friend, you and you parents or between you and your bride – to – be or hubby – to – be, will make the wedding film more natural and will also add in to your memory line.

It is not possible for your videographer to capture the sound of such a good quality while standing at a distance of some feet. So opting for microphones is a really good option.

Go For Professionals Only And Not For Semi – Professionals

DJ’s are the new trend in the weddings, which is a great idea as it adds up to the whole environment. But everything gets worse when these DJ’s offer you to provide the photographers and the videographers. As these people recommended by them are not actual professionals but are semi – professionals. And your wedding is not the time to experiment with these semi – professionals.

As they say, it’s better to be in your shoe only. Only do the work in which we are good with and since these photographers and videographers are not professionals, they make it difficult for the professionals as well to do their work properly, which ultimately ruins your wedding film.

These recommended photographers are always behind you which ruins your private precious moments with your loved ones. As they want to capture maximum of the pictures, they always follow you, which ultimately ruins the wedding film because it’s only them all over in the videos.

Going for a professional videographer and photographer is the best thing you can do. The professionals be in touch with each other and plan their respective work accordingly. They know how to capture a picture without disturbing the wedding videographers Melbourne work and how to make videos without capturing the photographers, as they coordinate with each other about their work.

Don’t Overdo The Colorful Lightings

People mostly go with dark colored theme on their reception and opt for lightings of colors like – blue, purple or pink. These kinds of colors make everything look dark, which ultimately makes it difficult for the photographers and the videographers to their work. If you opt for such dark colors, then what you are able to see in the wedding film is only darkness, with faces of the people looking blue or pink or purple, which actually don’t look good at all, actually it looks worse in photos and videos than what you expect them to look like.

wedding videographers in Melbourne - Lensure

Do prevent your wedding film from getting ruin by firstly avoiding the colorful spot lights that your DJ has planned to use and secondly by going for some white light. The white light is the best thing you can go for on your wedding reception. The white light has many advantages like – it makes it easy for your guests to see, it makes photos and video clear and also looks great, and makes the whole ambience beautiful.

Have an Un – plugged Wedding

This last one thing can play the role of the key element in your wedding. Please ask your family members, your friends and other relatives and guests to not take their cameras and mobile phones out of clicking pictures of you and your partner to be. It is the most disturbing thing a photographer or wedding videographer of Melbourne can face and also as they all are your guests so no one can be rude to them or can ask them to just enjoy the moment without clicking the pictures other than you.


Find the Most Suitable from a Variety of Wedding Videos in Melbourne

The wedding is the most important event in our life. We want to make everything the perfect and exceptional. The video makes your wedding live even after so many years later. It is the best memory forever. Finding the best wedding video in Melbourne becomes a bit time-consuming task. As there are a number of video production companies who provide great quality along with a cost effective budget. Quality video is crucial as this is the best memory and you should make any compromise with it. While hiring any video provider, consider price, quality, skills, types of video and more things.

When it comes to wedding video, the kind of any video is crucial. As not all wedding videos are created similarly. Here we have mentioned some excellent wedding videography ideas. So, go through them and find a videographer who create an exceptional video for you.

Kinds of videos

A Pictorial Wedding Video

A combination of color and black-and-white footage boosts up glamor to this timeless film style. An ordinary without feeling cranky, a pictorial style video covers comprehensive details from virtually every angle.


A Proposal Style Video

This is an interesting kind of video. If you are not going to remember what either of you said when he proposed. That is because many couples hire a professional to click the proposal on video. It is so stunning. Everybody loves the way this video captured the couple’s emotions without appearing so obtrusive.

A Combined Media Wedding Video

Sometimes, couples want something unique and attractive. In this situation, one film style is not sufficient. That is why choosing a videographer who is expert in mixing formats to design a mixture of grainy super 8, documentary as well as pictorial style wedding videography. The best thing is that most of the effects can be accomplished post-wedding in the edit.

A Wedding Video Preview

This is the best kind of videography. If your friends or relatives do not have sufficient time to watch the whole video, they can watch the only promo. From this, they can watch your dresses, decoration and more things in your marriage. An expert videographer can make a short version of your wedding video that you can share on your wedding web page.

Documentary Kind of Video

This combination of sweeping artistic angles and sound bites from your wedding day is one of the best styles to convey what really be at your wedding. This includes some laughing moments and more.

An Immediate Edit Video

In this kind, a videographer will shoot the entire wedding and then edit a short video that you can show to your invitees at the reception. As its name, videographer edits it on the same day of the wedding.

So, there are multiple kinds of wedding videos available, choose the best as per your requirement, budget, choice, and elegance.

If you want to get an exception wedding video in Melbourne, visit the Lensure Wedding Video. Here, we provide precise filming and editing of your memorable day. We believe that the filming of a wedding is not just the simple recording procedure, but the making of a truly artistic and stunning snapshot of the day. Further, we provide these services at affordable rates. Our videographers are highly skilled and experienced. For more information, browse our website, at Lensure Video Production.

How Wedding Videography is Necessary in Recent Times?

Hiring expert wedding videography tram can certainly add some amount to your wedding budget. But here are 5 reasons which will let you understand that the investment totally worth it.

Taking the moment worth remembering:

Your wedding photographer is trained to capture the special moments like exchanging of vows or first kiss; these are the sharing f the magical feelings which can only be captured with the help of videos. Seeing you first kiss as a couple in front of the guests will definitely give you the goose bumps, and that to in the HD wedding video is an unforgettable moment.

Clicked the sights you might have remembered:

Like every couple, you also have some special moments in the wedding which you want to see or relive again and again. Reliving those is complete in between the compatibility of the couple, but seeing those moments are possible with the help of wedding videos. Is this is not for what you have hired the expert wedding videography Melbourne Service provider for your special day? They will capture every moment and make them unforgettable because you can see them whenever you want to.


Capture the Sound:

No matter how spectacular people and you are looking in the video, it will only active one out of five senses of yours. If you are able to hear the same things what people are sharing will help you to active other senses of your body and help you recognize those moments and help you to feel the same feeling that you were having on your wedding day. And the most amazing part is that you can even rewind for forwarding what you want to see or feel and what you do not want to.

Ability to share your memories for the lifetime: There might be the case, that some of your close friends or family members might not be able to attend your wedding for various reasons. But you want your wedding moments to share with them also. In this agenda, the wedding videography service plays the major role, by creating the wedding video. You can create n number of copies of your wedding video, can hand over some copies to our friends and relatives and can have one or multiple copies with yourself. Even you can share the memory with your future generation, who might not be aware of the beauty of rituals.

Leave No Regrets: In a survey conducted on the newly wedded bride, a study has shown that 98% of the couples suggest newlywed couples have the wedding video. 63% of brides who do not have their wedding video, suggest the new brides to definitely have one.

These are the reasons which make you hire the wedding videography Melbourne Service provider for the best wedding video. For more information, you can contact Lensure videography services.

Fundamentals of Wedding Videography

The difference in good wedding videography and the best one lies in the videographer. Skill sets of the videographer play an important role in wedding videography. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, polishing your skill sets is a must.

Shooting grand wedding videos is a smart way to make profit from your equipment and experience. Capturing the first kiss, holding hands during the event at right time and with a perfect angle is important.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Choose the right gears: Along with the skill sets of the videographer, proper equipment is necessary to do the correct job. At least two cameras are recommended to be carried to the wedding venue. Along with the camera, third handheld camcorder is a best way to shoot a perfect wedding from all angles, if budget and crew is not an issue.

The highest-end gear to shoot great wedding videos is not required as technology advances at much high speed. The basic equipment is just fine to shoot wedding videos along with a fluid head tripod, remote microphone system, an HD camcorder and audio recorders.

Be prepared for low light situations: Lighting is important for any video production. Hence, majority of lights should be subtly placed. Always carry your own lights, so as to capture moments when the lights are dim for DJ. Care should be taken that your lights are not killing the mood of the event.

Capture enough B-roll: B-roll is very important. It can be your best friend and worst enemy when editing. Use tripod to have some exterior shots of the entrance, food, flower decoration, foot and guests. B roll courage is helpful for the rough edits.

Plan for recording audio: Capture some ambient sound from the wedding event like the clink of the glasses when the bride and groom toasts or speeches, etc. To capture candid remarks, the recorder can be placed on the dining area of the bride and groom. Digital recorder like a Zoom H6 or Tascam DR-40 is great option.

Create a checklist: For each wedding crosscheck the checklist for all equipment and accessories is needed for capturing the event. Check this list the night before shoot. Apart from cameras, lights, audio gear, and hardware, it is recommended to have an adequate supply of adapters, cables, batteries, chargers, cords, and recording media.

Wedding Videography Melbourne

Communicate: Communication with your crew members is very important. Also, it is essential to communicate with bride and groom and other professionals working for the wedding. Communication with DJ is important to know the lights arrangement from his end.

Attend the rehearsal: If the wedding is grand and have arrangements for rehearsal then you must attend it. This will give you fair idea of the event and the lights. It is also a great chance to consult with bride and groom about their last minute special requests.

Develop your own style and method of videography so as to stand out from the competition. Reach the venue before time, so as to shoot the preparations of the event.

Conclusion: To capture the precious moments of life, it is necessary to have experts. You can get in touch with Wedding Videography Melbourne for best rates of videography and to avail services from experts.